Adam Stewart expresses himself through his paintings. His artistic creations represent life and nature at their most beautiful moments. Nature and its forces are Adam's inspiration. Their constant change and unpredictability keep his art fresh and innovative. His background ranges from building houses, to faux finishing rock, wood, and marble. Life is his greatest resource. Adam didn't study art or so much as picked up a paintbrush until college but he was always interested in nature. As a child, he can remember the first time he laid eyes on the mountains and how they left him in awe. Since that moment, the mountains have been a source of fascination and inspiration for him. While attending Colorado State University, Adam was fatefully required to take a painting class. After that, he was hooked. He continued on to graduate with a BFA in Painting and a BA in Liberal Arts. From then on he had a passion for paint. He is primarily left-handed, but approaches the canvas with one paintbrush in each hand. This propels a never-ending circle of creativity. Not one of his pieces is identical. The sculpted texture he applies on the canvas can never be wielded the same way twice. The multiple layers of paint he spreads over the canvas and texture, make a each piece unique. Prominent businesses, galleries, universities and individuals collect Adam's art internationally and nationally. "The purpose of my paintings is to create a window into another dimension or scope. Everyone can see their own vision of what's in the painting."